Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003


Riga, Latvia
24th May

Logo of ESC 2003

This is a pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, which will take place in Riga, in Skonto Olympic Center. The presenters will be Marie N and Renârs Kaupers.


Here are the entries in ESC 2003:

1IcelandBirgittaOpen your heart
2AustriaAlf PoierWeil der Mensch zählt
3IrelandMickey Joe HarteWe've got the world
4TurkeySertab ErenerEvery way that I can
5MaltaLynn ChircopTo dream again
6Bosnia-HerzegovinaMija MartinaNe brini
7PortugalRita GuerraDeixa-me sonhar (só mais uma vez)
8CroatiaClaudiaVise nisam tvoja
9CyprusStelios KonstantasFeeling alive
10GermanyLouLet's get happy
11Russiat.A.T.uNe ver', ne bojsia, ne prosi
13IsraelLior NarkisWords for love
14NetherlandsEsther HartOne more night
15United KingdomJemaniCry baby
16UkraineOleksandrHasta la vista
17GreeceMandoNever let you go
18NorwayJostein HasselgårdI'm not afraid to move on
19FranceLouisaMonts et merveilles
20PolandIch TrojeKeine Grenze - Zadnych granic
21LatviaF.L.Y.Hello from Mars
22BelgiumUrban TradSanomi
23EstoniaRuffusEighties coming back
24RomaniaNicolaDon't break my heart
25SwedenFameGive me your love

Jury score + results 2003

"...everyway that I can,
I'll try to make you love me again,
everyway that I cen,
I'll give you all my love and then..."


Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003

final update 21st May
includes the votes received 16th April - 12th May
thanks to the 1421 voters (824 votes online)

2IcelandBirgittaOpen your heart340369
3FranceLouisaMonts et merveilles290858
4TurkeySertab ErenerEvery way that I can289167
5Russiat.A.T.uNe ver', ne bojsia, ne prosi275372
6Bosnia-HerzegovinaMija MartinaNe brini235633
7GermanyLouLet's get happy217223
8NetherlandsEsther HartOne more night207442
9LatviaF.L.Y.Hello from Mars201217
10RomaniaNicolaDon't break my heart187625
11SwedenFameGive me your love174224
12CroatiaClaudiaVise nisam tvoja173531
13NorwayJostein HasselgårdI'm not afraid to move on166727
14United KingdomJemaniCry baby165917
15BelgiumUrban TradSanomi165324
16CyprusStelios KostantasFeeling alive148918
18GreeceMandoNever let you go143339
19PortugalRita GuerraDeixa-me sonhar (só mais uma vez)141224
20IrelandMickey Joe HarteWe've got the world131414
21UkraineOleksandrHasta la vista109311
22MaltaLynn ChircopTo dream again9643
23IsraelLior NarkisWords for love92616
24PolandIch TrojeKeine Grenze - Zadnych granic86610
25EstoniaRuffusEighties coming back79810
26AustriaAlf PoierWeil der Mensch zählt7704

Votes by national juries

2IcelandBirgittaOpen your heart156
3Russiat.A.T.uNe ver', ne bojsia, ne prosi131
4TurkeySertab ErenerEvery way that I can119
5FranceLouisaMonts et merveilles100
6Bosnia-HerzegovinaMija MartinaNe brini93
7GermanyLouLet's get happy90
8CroatiaClaudiaVise nisam tvoja71
9LatviaF.L.Y.Hello from Mars60
10NetherlandsEsther HartOne more night58
11BelgiumUrban TradSanomi51
12RomaniaNicolaDon't break my heart49
13SwedenFameGive me your love43
14NorwayJostein HasselgårdI'm not afraid to move on42
15IrelandMickey Joe HarteWe've got the world34
16CyprusStelios KostantasFeeling alive33
17IsraelLior NarkisWords for love32
18UkraineOleksandrHasta la vista24
19GreeceMandoNever let you go23
21MaltaLynn ChircopTo dream again17
22AustriaAlf PoierWeil der Mensch zählt15
23PolandIch TrojeKeine Grenze - Zadnych granic13
24PortugalRita GuerraDeixa-me sonhar (só mais uma vez)10
25United KingdomJemaniCry baby9
26EstoniaRuffusEighties coming back5

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