Eurovision Song Contest 1967


Wien, Austria
8th April


This is a chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1967, which was held in Wien, in Hofburg. The presenter was Erika Vaal. The conductor was Johannes Fehring.


Here are the entries of 1967:

1NetherlandsThérèse SteinmetzRing dinge ding
2LuxembourgVickyL'amour est bleu
3AustriaPeter HortenWarum es 100.000 Sterne gibt?
4FranceNoëlle CordierIl doit faire beau là-bas
5PortugalEduardo NascimentoO vento mudou
6SwitzerlandGéraldineQuel coeur vas-tu briser?
7SwedenÖsten WarnerbringSom en dröm
8FinlandFrediVarjoon suojaan
9GermanyInge BrückAnouschka
10BelgiumLouis NeefsIk heb zorgen
11United KingdomSandie ShawPuppet on a string
12SpainRaphaelHablemos del amor
13NorwayKirsti SparboeDukkeman
14MonacoMinouche BarelliBoum-badaboum
15YugoslaviaLado LeskovarVse roze sveta
16ItalyClaudia VillaNon andare piu lontano
17IrelandSean DunphyIf I could choose

Jury score + results 1967

"...I wonder if one day that
you'll say that you care,
if you say you love me madly,
I'll gladly be there,
like a puppet on a string..."


Chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1967

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1LuxembourgVickyL'amour est bleu7228
2United KingdomSandie ShawPuppet on a string5336
3FranceNoëlle CordierIl doit faire beau là-bas4416
4SpainRaphaelHablemos del amor4007
5SwedenÖsten WarnerbringSom en dröm3916
6FinlandFrediVarjoon suojaan3215
7GermanyInge BrückAnouschka2706
8BelgiumLouis NeefsIk heb zorgen2605
9MonacoMinouche BarelliBoum-badaboum2504
10IrelandSean DunphyIf I could choose2405
11PortugalEduardo NascimentoO vento mudou2205
12ItalyClaudia VillaNon andare piu lontano1805
13SwitzerlandGéraldineQuel coeur vas-tu briser?1202
13YugoslaviaLado LeskovarVse roze sveta1204
15NorwayKirsti SparboeDukkeman903
16AustriaPeter HortenWarum es 100.000 Sterne gibt?602
17NetherlandsThérèse SteinmetzRing dinge ding301

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