Eurovision Song Contest 1974

United Kingdom

Brighton, United Kingdom
6th April 1974

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This is the info and the chart page of the Eurovision Song Contest 1974, which was held in Brighton, in the Dome. The presenter was Catherine Boyle. The conductor was Ronnie Hazlehurst.


Here are the entries of 1974:

1FinlandCaritaKeep me warm
2United KingdomOlivia Newton-JohnLong live love
3SpainPeretCanta y se feliz
4NorwayAnne-Karine Str÷m & the Bendik SingersThe first day of love
5GreeceMarinellaKrassi, thalassa ke t'agori mou
6IsraelPoogyNatati la khaiai
7YugoslaviaKorniGeneracija 42
9LuxembourgIreen SheerBye, bye, I love you
10MonacoRomualdCelui qui reste et celui qui s'en va
11BelgiumJacques HustinFleur de libertÚ
12NetherlandsMouth & MacNealI see a star
13IrelandTinaCross your heart
14GermanyCindy & BertDie Sommermelodie
15SwitzerlandPiera MartellMein Ruf nach dir
16PortugalPaulo de CarvalhoE depois do adeus
17ItalyGigliola CinquettiSi

Jury score + results 1974

"...Waterloo, I was defeated, you won the war.
Waterloo, promise to love you for evermore
Waterloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to..."


Chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1974

final update 24th November 2013
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1ItalyGigliola CinquettiSi45420
3NetherlandsMouth & MacNealI see a star2842
4IsraelPoogyNatati la khaiai1931
5MonacoRomualdCelui qui reste et celui qui s'en va1922
6GreeceMarinellaKrassi, thalassa ke t'agori mou1800
6United KingdomOlivia Newton-JohnLong live love1800
8YugoslaviaKorniGeneracija 421653
9LuxembourgIreen SheerBye, bye, I love you1382
10BelgiumJacques HustinFleur de libertÚ1190
11PortugalPaulo de CarvalhoE depois do adeus1171
12FinlandCaritaKeep me warm1120
13IrelandTinaCross your heart1070
14SwitzerlandPiera MartellMein Ruf nach dir962
15SpainPeretCanta y se feliz960
16GermanyCindy & BertDie Sommermelodie740
17NorwayAnne-Karine Str÷m & the Bendik SingersThe first day of love650


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