Eurovision Song Contest 1976


Den Haag, the Netherlands
3rd April 1976

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This is the info and the chart page of the Eurovision Song Contest 1976, which was held in Den Haag, in Congresgebouw. The presenter was Corry Brokken. The conductor was Harry van Hoof.


Here are the entries of 1976:

1United KingdomBrotherhood of ManSave your kisses for me
2SwitzerlandPeter, Sue & MarcDjambo, djambo
3GermanyLes Humphries SingersSing, sang, song
4IsraelChocolate Menta MastikEmor shalom
5LuxembourgJŁrgen MarcusChansons pour ceux qui s'aiment
6BelgiumPierre RapsatJudy et Cie.
7IrelandRed HurleyWhen
8NetherlandsSandra ReemerThe party's over now
9NorwayAnne-Karine StrÝmMata Hari
10GreeceMariza KochPanayia mou, panayia mou
11FinlandFredi & the FriendsPump pump
12SpainBraulioSobran las palabras
13ItalyRomina Power & Al BanoWe'll live it all again
14AustriaWaterloo & RobinsonMy little world
15PortugalCarlos do CarmoUma flor de verde pinho
16MonacoMary ChristyToi, la musique et moi
17FranceCatherine FerryUn, deux, trois
18YugoslaviaAmbasadoriNe mogu skriti svoju bol

Jury score + results 1976

"...Kisses for me.
Save all your kisses for me.
Bye bye, Baby, bye bye!..."


Chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1976

final update 8th December 2013
thanks to 53 voters:

1United KingdomBrotherhood of ManSave your kisses for me35911
2FranceCatherine FerryUn, deux, trois34711
3IsraelChocolate Menta MastikEmor shalom2322
4MonacoMary ChristyToi, la musique et moi2192
5BelgiumPierre RapsatJudy et Cie.2124
6GreeceMariza KochPanayia mou, panayia mou2076
7FinlandFredi & the FriendsPump pump1941
8NetherlandsSandra ReemerThe party's over now1701
9YugoslaviaAmbasadoriNe mogu skriti svoju bol1664
10SwitzerlandPeter, Sue & MarcDjambo, djambo1501
11AustriaWaterloo & RobinsonMy little world1472
12ItalyRomina Power & Al BanoWe'll live it all again1321
13IrelandRed HurleyWhen1243
14PortugalCarlos do CarmoUma flor de verde pinho1100
15SpainBraulioSobran las palabras1041
16NorwayAnne-Karine StrÝmMata Hari861
17GermanyLes Humphries SingersSing, sang, song621
18LuxembourgJŁrgen MarcusChansons pour ceux qui s'aiment531


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