Eurovision Song Contest 1977

United Kingdom

Wembley, United Kingdom
7th May 1977

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This is the info and the chart page of the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, which was held in Webley, in the Concert Hall - Wembley Conference Centre. The presenter was Angela Rippon. The conductor was Ronnie Hazlehurst.


Here are the entries of 1977:

1IrelandThe Swarbriggs Plus TwoIt's nice to be in love again
2MonacoMichèle TorrUne petite française
3NetherlandsHeddy LesterDe mallemolen
4AustriaSchmetterlingeBoom boom boomerang
5NorwayAnita SkorganCasanova
6GermanySilver ConventionTelegram
7LuxembourgAnne-Marie B.Frère Jacques
8PortugalOs AmigosPortugal no coração
9United KingdomLynsey de Paul & Mike MoranRock bottom
10GreecePascalis, Marianna, Robert & BessyMathema solfege
11IsraelIlanitAa-haa-vah hee shir lish-naa-yim
12SwitzerlandPepe Lienhard BandSwiss Lady
14SpainMickyEnseñame a cantar
15ItalyMia MartiniLiberà
16FinlandMonica AspelundLapponia
17BelgiumDream ExpressA million in one, two, three
18FranceMarie MyriamL'oiseau et l'enfant

Jury score + results 1977

"...L'amour c'est toi, l'amour c'est moi.
L'oiseau c'est toi, l'enfant c'est moi..."


Chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1977

final update 3rd November 2013
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1FranceMarie MyriamL'oiseau et l'enfant50727
2IsraelIlanitAa-haa-vah hee shir lish-naa-yim2964
3FinlandMonica AspelundLapponia2822
4GreecePascalis, Marianna, Robert & BessyMathema solfege2804
5GermanySilver ConventionTelegram2662
6MonacoMichèle TorrUne petite française2271
7ItalyMia MartiniLiberà2134
8NetherlandsHeddy LesterDe mallemolen1924
9BelgiumDream ExpressA million in one, two, three1692
10United KingdomLynsey de Paul & Mike MoranRock bottom1291
11IrelandThe Swarbriggs Plus TwoIt's nice to be in love again1160
12SwitzerlandPepe Lienhard BandSwiss Lady1080
13AustriaSchmetterlingeBoom boom boomerang1042
14NorwayAnita SkorganCasanova940
15LuxembourgAnne-Marie B.Frère Jacques871
16SpainMickyEnseñame a cantar680
17PortugalOs AmigosPortugal no coração621


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