Eurovision Song Contest 1987


Bruxelles, Belgium
9th May 1987

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This is the info and the chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1987, which was held in Bruxelles, in Palais de Centenaire. The presenter was Viktor Lazlo. The conductor was Jo Carlier.


Here are the entries of 1987:

1NorwayKate GulbrandsenMitt liv
2IsraelDatner & Kushnir (Lazy bums)Shir habatlanim
3AustriaGary LuxNur noch Gefühl
4IcelandHalla MargarétHægt og hljótt
5BelgiumLiliane Saint-PierreSoldiers of love
6SwedenLotta EngbergBoogaloo
7ItalyUmberto Tozzi & RafGente di mare
8PortugalNevadaNeste barco à vela
9SpainPatricia KrausNo estás solo
10TurkeySeyyal Tanner & LokomotifSarkim sevgi üstüne
12NetherlandsMarchaRechtop in de wind
13LuxembourgPlastic BertrandAmour amour
14United KingdomRikkiOnly the light
15FranceChristine MinierLes mots d'amour n'ont pas de dimanche
16GermanyWindLaß die Sonne in dein Herz
17CyprusAlexiaAspro mavro
18FinlandVicky RostiSata salamaa
19DenmarkAnne-Cathrine Herdorf & BandjoEn lille melodi
20IrelandJohnny LoganHold me now
21YugoslaviaNovi FosiliJa sam za ples
22SwitzerlandCarol RichMoitié moitié

Jury score + results 1987

"...Hold me now, don't cry, don't say a word.
Just hold me now, and I will know though we're apart.
We'll always be together, forever in love.
What do you say when words are not enough?..."


Chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 1987

final update 13th October 2013
thanks to 61 voters:

1ItalyUmberto Tozzi & RafGente di mare43312
2IrelandJohnny LoganHold me now39619
3FinlandVicky RostiSata salamaa3147
4NorwayKate GulbrandsenMitt liv2293
5BelgiumLiliane Saint-PierreSoldiers of love2204
6YugoslaviaNovi FosiliJa sam za ples2161
7CyprusAlexiaAspro mavro2091
8NetherlandsMarchaRechtop in de wind2042
9GermanyWindLaß die Sonne in dein Herz1460
10IcelandHalla MargarétHægt og hljótt1453
11DenmarkAnne-Cathrine Herdorf & BandjoEn lille melodi1422
12AustriaGary LuxNur noch Gefühl1272
14IsraelDatner & Kushnir (Lazy bums)Shir habatlanim960
15PortugalNevadaNeste barco à vela920
16SwedenLotta EngbergBoogaloo791
17United KingdomRikkiOnly the light770
18TurkeySeyyal Tanner & LokomotifSarkim sevgi üstüne712
19LuxembourgPlastic BertrandAmour amour621
19SpainPatricia KrausNo estás solo621
21FranceChristine MinierLes mots d'amour n'ont pas de dimanche580
22SwitzerlandCarol RichMoitié moitié510


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