Chart of Euroviisut 2005


Chart of the Euroviisut 2005

last update 21st November 2005
Thanks to 55 voters:

11JennieKiss me36411
22I´DeesYeah, yeah3387
33Elena MadyAn actress2969
44FirevisionThe stars are on our side2305
55Geir RönningWhy2118
66Teddy vs Mc ChrissUnconditional love1941
7-MomocatEuropa Europa1734
87Anna StenlundOne more chance1692
98Urban CommunityWhole wide world1580
109A & NMiss one-night good-time1401
1210Christian ForssEverything but still nothing1131
13-Gary Revell JrYou´re a star981
1411KentalaDeck of cards881
15-Karoliina KallioI need somebody (like you)841
16-Geir Rönning & Nina TapioMy one and only love700
1712Kimmo KouriMy life, my love691
18-Place-2-GoKissed by a fool640
19-Hanna-Riikka SiitonenForever and a day560
20-D´VoicesThis is the song370
21-LindaYour lasting one350
22-Sanna MajuriJust one kiss320
23-Petri MunckMelody220
24-Tommi LäntinenMitä vaan150

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Here are the entries in Euroviisut 2005:

1I´DeesYeah, yeah
2Hanna-Riikka SiitonenForever and a day
3Place-2-GoKissed by a fool
4A & NMiss one-night good-time
5Petri MunckMelody
6Urban CommunityWhole wide world
7Christian ForssEverything but still nothing
8Geir Rönning & Nina TapioMy one and only love
9Sanna MajuriJust one kiss
10Kimmo KouriMy life, my love
11Anna StenlundOne more chance
12MomocatEuropa Europa
13LindaYour lasting one
14Tommi LäntinenMitä vaan
15JennieKiss me
16Teddy vs Mc ChrissUnconditional love
17Elena MadyAn actress
18Gary Revell JrYou´re a star
20Geir RönningWhy
21Harri KentalaDeck of cards
22Karoliina KallioI need somebody (like you)
23D´VoicesThis is the song
24FirevisionThe stars are on our side