Chart of Euroviisut 2011, preselection


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Here are the entries in Euroviisut 2011, preselection:

1Christa RenwallFool of yourself
2Tony GreenMiracle
3SuviWe are one
4Sara SayedShallow waters
5Paul OxleyThe prisoner
6Pauliina SalonenEvery day
7Emilie Untamala & Jole NissiläIt is you
8Joel FrämlingMan in squalor
9AnfisaGive me power to resist
10ChoraleShare your life
11CardiantRapture in time
12Saara AaltoBlessed with love
13Sonja BishopThis is my life
14Father McKenzieGood enough

Chart of the Euroviisut 2011, preselection

final update 14th October 2010
thanks to 78 voters:

1Tony GreenMiracle52718
2ChoraleShare your life50914
3Father McKenzieGood enough4408
4Paul OxleyThe prisoner4025
6Christa RenwallFool of yourself3321
7Sonja BishopThis is my life3264
8AnfisaGive me power to resist2902
9Saara AaltoBlessed with love2654
10CardiantRapture in time2646
11Joel FrämlingMan in squalor2574
12Sara SayedShallow waters1992
13SuviWe are one1352
14Emilie Untamala & Jole NissiläIt is you1351
15Pauliina SalonenEvery day982

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