Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016


Stockholm, Sweden
10th, 12th & 14th May


This is a pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. All the votes have be updated within two weeks after a new entry has been heard. You can update your votes any time just by resending the voting form with new points.

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Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

final update 1st May 2016

thanks to 2109 voters so far:
includes votes (received/updated): 21st March - 1st May 2016
1232 active votes (updated after 21st March 2016)

The Pre-chart is closed 1st May

1FranceFranceAmirJ'ai cherché5521149 (11,9%)100%
21RussiaRussiaSergey LazarevYou are the only one399186 (7,0%)100%
31BulgariaBulgariaPoli GenovaIf love was a crime363676 (6,1%)100%
42AustraliaAustraliaDami ImSound of silence336043 (3,5%)100%
5SpainSpainBareiSay yay!325073 (5,9%)100%
6ItalyItalyFrancesca MichielinNo degree of separation318859 (4,8%)100%
72CroatiaCroatiaNina KraljićLighthouse293258 (4,7%)100%
83LatviaLatviaJustsHeartbeat282059 (4,8%)100%
94UkraineUkraineJamala1944278069 (5,6%)100%
103HungaryHungaryFreddiePioneer261657 (4,6%)100%
114CyprusCyprusMinus OneAlter ego256239 (3,2%)100%
125AustriaAustriaZOËLoin d'ici228437 (3,0%)100%
136Czech RepublicCzech RepublicGabriela GunčíkováI stand221130 (2,4%)100%
145PolandPolandMichał SzpakColor of your life203169 (5,6%)100%
157EstoniaEstoniaJüri PootsmannPlay190334 (2,6%)100%
16GermanyGermanyJamie-Lee KriewitzGhost189021 (1,7%)100%
178AzerbaijanAzerbaijanSamraMiracle184020 (1,6%)100%
18SwedenSwedenFransIf I were sorry171117 (1,4%)100%
199ArmeniaArmeniaIveta MukuchyanLoveWave166324 (1,9%)100%
206SerbiaSerbiaSanja Vučić ZAAGoodbye (shelter)160829 (2,4%)100%
217NorwayNorwayAgneteIcebreaker153911 (0,9%)100%
2210IcelandIcelandGreta SalómeHear them calling142110 (0,8%)100%
(23)11MaltaMaltaIra LoscoWalk on water12729 (0,7%)100%
(24)12NetherlandsNetherlandsDouwe BobSlow down120016 (1,3%)100%
238FYR MacedoniaFYR MacedoniaKaliopiDona103811 (0,9%)100%
249IsraelIsraelHovi StarMade of stars100815 (1,1%)100%
2510BelgiumBelgiumLauraWhat's the pressure8597 (0,6%)100%
(28)13GreeceGreeceArgoUtopian land78418 (1,5%)100%
(29)11LithuaniaLithuaniaDonny MontellI've been waiting for this night78114 (1,1%)100%
(30)12DenmarkDenmarkLighthouse XSoldiers of love7606 (0,5%)100%
26United KingdomUnited KingdomJoe and JakeYou're not alone74313 (1,1%)100%
(32)14FinlandFinlandSandhjaSing it away6877 (0,6%)100%
(33)15Bosnia & HerzegovinaBosnia & HerzegovinaDalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and JalaLjubav je6786 (0,5%)100%
(34)13AlbaniaAlbaniaEneda TarifaFairytale65111 (0,9%)100%
(35)14IrelandIrelandNicky ByrneSunlight6197 (0,6%)100%
(36)16San MarinoSan MarinoSerhatI didn't know5546 (0,5%)100%
(37)15GeorgiaGeorgiaNika Kocharov & Young Georgian LolitazMidnight gold5461 (0,1%)100%
(38)16SwitzerlandSwitzerlandRykkaThe last of our kind5303 (0,2%)100%
(39)17SloveniaSloveniaManuEllaBlue and red4784 (0,3%)100%
(40)18BelarusBelarusIvanHelp you fly4703 (0,2%)100%
(41)17MoldovaMoldovaLidia IsacFalling stars3911 (0,1%)100%
(42)18MontenegroMontenegroHighwayThe real thing3274 (0,3%)100%

If there's a tie, the country that received points from the greater number of voters wins. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breaker is to count the number of voters who assigned twelve points to each entry in the tie. Tie-breaks continue with ten points, eight points, and so on until the tie is resolved.

= highest climber = going upwards = same position as last time = going downwards = new entry (first update or chart period is less than 30%)

CHART PERIOD means how many voters have updated or been able to update the country in question in the voting form. All the votes have be updated within 2 weeks after a new song has been heard.

TOP10 VOTERS' NATIONALITIES (from total number of voters):

Poland 207 voters
Spain 183 voters
United Kingdom 140 voters
Greece 139 voters
Germany 120 voters
Finland 101 voters
France 101 voters
Hungary 93 voters
Netherlands 72 voters
Russia 50 voters


13.1. the chart is opened with Albania and Ireland
17.1. Belgium included
22.1. Belarus included
23.1. Malta included
1.2. Spain included
12.2. Austria included
13.2. Denmark & Switzerland included
15.2. Georgia included
19.2. Bosnia & Herzegovina included
20.2. Iceland included
21.2. Ukraine included
22.2. Cyprus included
25.2. Germany included
26.2. United Kingdom included
27.2. Finland, Hungary, Moldova, Norway & Slovenia included
28.2. Latvia included
29.2. France included
2.3. Armenia included
3.3. Israel included
4.3. Netherlands (AM) & Montenegro (PM) included
5.3. Russia (AM), Estonia (PM) & Poland (PM) included
6.3. Romania included
7.3. Macedonia included
9.3. Croatia & San Marino included
10.3. Greece (AM) & Australia (PM) included
11.3. Czech Republic included & Malta removed
12.3. Lithuania, Serbia & Sweden included
13.3. Azerbaijan included
14.3. Italy included
17.3. Malta included with new song
21.3. Last country Bulgaria included. All the votes must now be updated
22.4. Romania is removed


Here are the entries in ESC 2016:

1AlbaniaAlbaniaEneda TarifaFairytale
2ArmeniaArmeniaIveta MukuchyanLoveWave
3AustraliaAustraliaDami ImSound of silence
4AustriaAustriaZOËLoin d'ici
6BelarusBelarusIvanHelp you fly
7BelgiumBelgiumLauraWhat's the pressure
8Bosnia & HerzegovinaBosnia & HerzegovinaDalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and JalaLjubav je
9BulgariaBulgariaPoli GenovaIf love was a crime
10CroatiaCroatiaNina KraljićLighthouse
11CyprusCyprusMinus OneAlter ego
12Czech RepublicCzech RepublicGabriela GunčíkováI stand
13DenmarkDenmarkLighthouse XSoldiers of love
14EstoniaEstoniaJüri PootsmannPlay
15FinlandFinlandSandhjaSing it away
16FranceFranceAmirJ'ai cherché
17FYR MacedoniaFYR MacedoniaKaliopiDona
18GeorgiaGeorgiaNika Kocharov & Young Georgian LolitazMidnight gold
19GermanyGermanyJamie-Lee KriewitzGhost
20GreeceGreeceArgoUtopian land
22IcelandIcelandGreta SalómeHear them calling
23IrelandIrelandNicky ByrneSunlight
24IsraelIsraelHovi StarMade of stars
25ItalyItalyFrancesca MichielinNo degree of separation
27LithuaniaLithuaniaDonny MontellI've been waiting for this night
28MaltaMaltaIra LoscoWalk on water
29MoldovaMoldovaLidia IsacFalling stars
30MontenegroMontenegroHighwayThe real thing
31NetherlandsNetherlandsDouwe BobSlow down
33PolandPolandMichał SzpakColor of your life
34RussiaRussiaSergey LazarevYou are the only one
35San MarinoSan MarinoSerhatI didn't know
36SerbiaSerbiaSanja Vučić ZAAGoodbye (shelter)
37SloveniaSloveniaManuEllaBlue and red
38SpainSpainBareiSay yay!
39SwedenSwedenFransIf I were sorry
40SwitzerlandSwitzerlandRykkaThe last of our kind
42United KingdomUnited KingdomJoe and JakeYou're not alone

Netherlands: Douwe BobMontenegro: HighwayArmenia: Iveta MukuchyanCyprus: Minus One
Macedonia: KaliopiRussia: Sergey LazarevGeorgia: Young Georgian LolitasAlbania: Enada Tarifa
San Marino: SerhatIreland: Nicky ByrneBelgium: LauraBelarus: Ivan
Malta: Ira LoscoSpain: BareiAustria: ZOËSwitzerland: Rykka
Denmark: Lighthouse XItaly: Francesca MichielinBulgaria: Poli GenovaIceland: Greta Salóme
Ukraine: JamalaCroatia: Nina KraljićGermany: Jamie-Lee KriewitzUnited Kingdom: Joe and Jake
Finland: SandhjaHungary: FreddieLatvia: JustsPoland 2016: Michał Szpak
Estonia: Jüri PootsmannMoldova: Lidia IsacNorway: AgneteFrance: Amir
Sweden: FransIsrael: Hovi StarSerbia: Sanja Vučić ZAASlovenia: ManuElla
Azerbaijan: SamraGreece: ArgoLithuania: Donny MontellCzech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková
Australia: Dami InRomania: Ovidiu AntonBIH: Dalal, Deen, Ana and Jala

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