Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019


Tel Aviv, Israel
14th, 16th & 18th May


This is a pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. All the votes have be updated within two weeks after a new entry has been heard (10.3.2019). You can update your votes any time just by resending the voting form with new points.

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Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

updated 13th April 2019

thanks to 1272 voters:
includes votes (received/updated): 10th March - 14th April 2019
847 active votes (updated after 10th March 2019)

Pre-chart is closed, thanks for all the voters this year!

111NetherlandsNetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcade4619162 (19,1%)100%
22ItalyItalyMahmoodSoldi388063 (7,4%)100%
332SwitzerlandSwitzerlandLuca HänniShe got me366472 (8,5%)100%
441CyprusCyprusTamtaReplay258745 (5,3%)100%
552GreeceGreeceKaterine DuskaBetter love225563 (7,4%)100%
663NorwayNorwayKEiiNOSpirit in the sky222547 (5,5%)100%
773IcelandIcelandHatariHatriđ mun sigra203448 (5,7%)100%
884SwedenSwedenJohn LundvikToo late for love199628 (3,3%)100%
994SloveniaSloveniaZala Kralj & Gašper ŠantlSebi187135 (4,1%)100%
10105RussiaRussiaSergey LazarevScream167631 (3,7%)100%
11116AzerbaijanAzerbaijanChingizTruth163913 (1,5%)100%
12125BelgiumBelgiumEliotWake up159111 (1,3%)100%
13136PortugalPortugalConan OsírisTelemóveis153641 (4,8%)100%
1414SpainSpainMikiLa venda126821 (2,5%)100%
15157MaltaMaltaMichelaChameleon10576 (0,7%)100%
1616FranceFranceBilal HassaniRoi9074 (0,5%)100%
17178DenmarkDenmarkLeonoraLove is forever8975 (0,6%)100%
18189North MacedoniaNorth MacedoniaTamara TodevskaProud89514 (1,7%)100%
191910AlbaniaAlbaniaJonida MaliqiKtheju tokës89017 (2,0%)100%
20207HungaryHungaryJoci PápaiAz én apám86110 (1,2%)100%
21218San MarinoSan MarinoSerhatSay na na na82010 (1,2%)100%
22-11ArmeniaArmeniaSrbukWalking out80814 (1,7%)100%
23229EstoniaEstoniaVictor CroneStorm7934 (0,5%)100%
242310Czech RepublicCzech RepublicLake MalawiFriend of a friend7665 (0,6%)100%
2524United KingdomUnited KingdomMichael RiceBigger than us6807 (0,8%)100%
26-11PolandPolandTuliaFire of love (Pali się)6639 (1,1%)100%
27-12AustraliaAustraliaKate Miller-HeidkeZero gravity6587 (0,8%)100%
2825IsraelIsraelKobi MarimiHome55510 (1,2%)100%
29-12IrelandIrelandSarah McTernan225524 (0,5%)100%
30-13SerbiaSerbiaNevena BožovićKruna4947 (0,8%)100%
3126GermanyGermanyS!stersSister4713 (0,4%)100%
32-14FinlandFinlandDarude feat. Sebastian RejmanLook away4533 (0,4%)100%
33-13AustriaAustriaPÆNDALimits4483 (0,4%)100%
34-14LatviaLatviaCarouselThat night4234 (0,5%)100%
35-15BelarusBelarusZENALike it3710 (0,0%)100%
36-15CroatiaCroatiaRokoThe dream3494 (0,5%)100%
37-16LithuaniaLithuaniaJurij VeklenkoRun with the lions3499 (1,1%)100%
38-17RomaniaRomaniaEster PeonyOn a Sunday3462 (0,2%)100%
39-16GeorgiaGeorgiaOto NemsadzeSul tsin iare3134 (0,5%)100%
40-17MontenegroMontenegroD molHeaven2361 (0,1%)100%
41-18MoldovaMoldovaAnna OdobescuStay2301 (0,1%)100%

If there's a tie, the country that received points from the greater number of voters wins. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breaker is to count the number of voters who assigned twelve points to each entry in the tie. Tie-breaks continue with ten points, eight points, and so on until the tie is resolved.

= new entry (first update or time on chart is less than 30%) = highest climber = going upwards = same position as last time = going downwards

TIME ON CHART means how many voters have or have been able to vote for the country in question. All the votes have be updated within 14 days after a new song has been heard.

TOP10 NATIONALITIES OF VOTERS (from total number of voters):

Greece 130 voters
Slovenia 119 voters
Spain 81 voters
United Kingdom 79 voters
Germany 75 voters
Netherlands 73 voters
Portugal 62 voters
Poland 58 voters
Finland 56 voters
France 42 voters
Norway 42 voters


20.1. Pre-chart is opened with Albania & Spain
26.1. France included
28.1. Czech Republic included
8.2. United Kingdom included Australia included Italy & Montenegro included
16.2. Croatia, Estonia, Latvia & Slovenia included
17.2. Romania included
22.2. Germany included
23.2. Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania & Ukraine included
25.2. Ukraine excluded
28.2. Belgium included
2.3. Finland, Iceland, Moldova, Norway & Portugal included
3.3. Georgia & Serbia included
5.3. Cyprus included
6.3. Greece included
7.3. Belarus, Netherlands, San Marino & Switzerland included
8.3. Austria, Azerbaijan, Ireland, North Macedonia & Poland included
9.3. Russia & Sweden included
10.3. Armenia, Israel & Malta included
14.4. Pre-chart is closed


Here are the entries in ESC 2019:

1AlbaniaAlbaniaJonida MaliqiKtheju tokës
2ArmeniaArmeniaSrbukWalking out
3AustraliaAustraliaKate Miller-HeidkeZero gravity
6BelarusBelarusZENALike it
7BelgiumBelgiumEliotWake up
8CroatiaCroatiaRokoThe dream
10Czech RepublicCzech RepublicLake MalawiFriend of a friend
11DenmarkDenmarkLeonoraLove is forever
12EstoniaEstoniaVictor CroneStorm
13FinlandFinlandDarude feat. Sebastian RejmanLook away
14FranceFranceBilal HassaniRoi
15GeorgiaGeorgiaOto NemsadzeSul tsin iare
17GreeceGreeceKaterine DuskaBetter love
18HungaryHungaryJoci PápaiAz én apám
19IcelandIcelandHatariHatriđ mun sigra
20IrelandIrelandSarah McTernan22
21IsraelIsraelKobi MarimiHome
23LatviaLatviaCarouselThat night
24LithuaniaLithuaniaJurij VeklenkoRun with the lions
26MoldovaMoldovaAnna OdobescuStay
27MontenegroMontenegroD molHeaven
28NetherlandsNetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcade
29North MacedoniaNorth MacedoniaTamara TodevskaProud
30NorwayNorwayKEiiNOSpirit in the sky
31PolandPolandTuliaFire of love (Pali się)
32PortugalPortugalConan OsírisTelemóveis
33RomaniaRomaniaEster PeonyOn a Sunday
34RussiaRussiaSergey LazarevScream
35San MarinoSan MarinoSerhatSay na na na
36SerbiaSerbiaNevena BožovićKruna
37SloveniaSloveniaZala Kralj & Gašper ŠantlSebi
38SpainSpainMikiLa venda
39SwedenSwedenJohn LundvikToo late for love
40SwitzerlandSwitzerlandLuca HänniShe got me
41United KingdomUnited KingdomMichael RiceBigger than us

Albania: Jonida MaliqiArmenia: SrbukAustralia: Kate Miller-HeidkeAustria: PÆNDA
Azerbaijan: ChingizBelarus: ZENABelgium: EliotCroatia: Roko Blažević
Cyprus: TamtaCzech Republic: Lake MalawiDenmark: LeonoraEstonia: Victor Crone
Finland: Darude feat. Sebastian RejmanFrance: Bilal HassiniGeorgia: Germany: S!sters
Greece: Katerine DuskaHungary: Joci PápaiIceland: HatariIreland: Sarah McTernan
Israel: Kobi MarimiItaly: MahmoodLatvia: CarouselLithuania: Jurijus
Malta: MichelaMoldova: Anna OdobescuMontenegro: D molNetherlands: Duncan Laurence
North Macedonia: Tamara TodevskaNorway: KEiiNOPoland: TuliaPortugal: Conan Osíris
Romania: Ester PeonyRussia: Sergey LazarevSan Marino: SerhatSerbia: Nevena Božović
Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gašper ŠantlSpain: MikiSweden: John LundvikSwitzerland: Luca Hänni
United Kingdom: Michael Rice

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