Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020


Rotterdam, Netherlands
12th, 14th & 16th May


This is the pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. You can update your votes any time just by resending the voting form with new points.

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Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

final update 11th May 2020

thanks to 533 voters:
includes votes (received/updated): 12th March - 11th May 2020

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111LithuaniaThe RoopOn fire25868015,0%
221SwitzerlandGjon's TearsRépondez-moi21355410,1%
332BulgariaVICTORIATears getting sober1756468,6%
443IcelandDađi & GagnamagniđThink about things1646346,4%
66ItalyDiodatoFai rumore1493224,1%
77GermanyBen DolicViolent thing1435183,4%
994RussiaLittle BigUno1153224,1%
10105MaltaDestinyAll of my love99591,7%
11116IsraelEden AleneFeker libi968183,4%
12127BelgiumHooverphonicRelease me857132,4%
14149RomaniaRoxenAlcohol you824132,4%
161610AustraliaMontaigneDon't break me80671,3%
1711SwedenThe MamasMove79771,3%
1817NetherlandsJeangu MacrooyGrow57861,1%
19185AlbaniaArilena AraFall from the sky54091,7%
2019FranceTom LeebThe best in me52550,9%
21206SerbiaHurricaneHasta la vista52050,9%
23217DenmarkBen & TanYes47520,4%
2422United KingdomJames NewmanMy last breath43561,1%
2513CroatiaDamir KedžoDivlji vjetre43281,5%
26238GeorgiaTornike KipianiTake me as I am41620,4%
2714North MacedoniaVasilYou41240,8%
2824SpainBlas CantóUniverso38240,8%
29259LatviaSamanta TīnaStill breathing38210,2%
302610EstoniaUku SuvisteWhat love is36520,4%
3215IrelandLesley RoyStory of my life35540,8%
3312ArmeniaAthena ManoukianChains on you34230,6%
3413FinlandAkselLooking back32550,9%
3514AustriaVincent BuenoAlive31010,2%
3616SloveniaAna SokličVoda28781,5%
3715Czech RepublicBenny CristoKemama27100,0%
3816MoldovaNatalia GordienkoPrison24250,9%
3917PortugalElisaMedo de sentir21550,9%
4018San MarinoSenhitFreaky!20820,4%
4117BelarusVALDa vidna18200,0%

If there's a tie, the country that received points from the greater number of voters wins. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breaker is to count the number of voters who assigned twelve points to each entry in the tie. Tie-breaks continue with ten points, eight points, and so on until the tie is resolved.

= new entry = highest climber = going upwards = same position as last time = going downwards


Greece 47 voters
United Kingdom 42 voters
Germany 39 voters
Finland 36 voters
Spain 34 voters
Poland 30 voters
Israel 26 voters
Norway 25 voters
Portugal 19 voters
Russia 16 voters
Sweden 16 voters


Here are the entries in ESC 2020:

AlbaniaArilena AraFall from the sky
ArmeniaAthena ManoukianChains on you
AustraliaMontaigneDon't break me
AustriaVincent BuenoAlive
BelarusVALDa vidna
BelgiumHooverphonicRelease me
BulgariaVICTORIATears getting sober
CroatiaDamir KedžoDivlji vjetre
Czech RepublicBenny CristoKemama
DenmarkBen & TanYes
EstoniaUku SuvisteWhat love is
FinlandAkselLooking back
FranceTom LeebThe best in me
GeorgiaTornike KipianiTake me as I am
GermanyBen DolicViolent thing
IcelandDađi & GagnamagniđThink about things
IrelandLesley RoyStory of my life
IsraelEden AleneFeker libi
ItalyDiodatoFai rumore
LatviaSamanta TīnaStill breathing
LithuaniaThe RoopOn fire
MaltaDestinyAll of my love
MoldovaNatalia GordienkoPrison
NetherlandsJeangu MacrooyGrow
North MacedoniaVasilYou
PortugalElisaMedo de sentir
RomaniaRoxenAlcohol you
RussiaLittle BigUno
San MarinoSenhitFreaky!
SerbiaHurricaneHasta la vista
SloveniaAna SokličVoda
SpainBlas CantóUniverso
SwedenThe MamasMove
SwitzerlandGjon's TearsRépondez-moi
United KingdomJames NewmanMy last breath

Albania: Arilena AraArmenia: Athena ManoukianAustralia: MontaigneAustria: Vincent Bueno
Azerbaijan: Samira EfendiBelarus: VALBelgium: HooverphonicBulgaria: VICTORIA
Croatia: Damir KedžoCyprus: SandroCzech Republic: Benny CristoDenmark: Ben & Tan
Estonia: Uku SuvisteFinland: Aksel KankaanrantaFrance: Tom LeebGeorgia: Tornike Kipiani
Germany: Ben DolicGreece: StefaniaIceland: Dađi & GagnamagniđIreland: Lesley Roy
Israel: Eden AleneItaly: DiodatoLatvia: Samanta TīnaLithuania: The Roop
Malta: Destiny ChukunyereMoldova: Natalia GordienkoNetherlands: Jeangu MacrooyNorth Macedonia: Vasil Garvanliev
Norway: Ulrikke BrandstorpPoland: Alicja SzemplińskaPortugal: ElisaRomania: Roxen
Russia: Little BigSan Marino: SenhitSerbia: HurricaneSlovenia: Ana Soklič
Spain: Blas CantóSweden: The MamasSwitzerland: Gjon's TearsUkraine: Go_A
United Kingdom: James Newman

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