Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022


Turin, Italy
10th, 12th & 14th May


This is the pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. You can update your votes any time just by resending the voting form with new points. All the votes must be updated within two weeks after a new entry has been heard (21st March).

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Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The voting is closed 29th April

updated 29th April 2022

thanks to 910 voters in total,
606 active votes (received / updated: 21st March - 29th April 2022):

221SwedenCornelia JakobsHold me closer21096210,2%100%
33--ItalyMahmood & BlancoBrividi2067538,7%100%
441-NetherlandsS10De diepte1972294,8%100%
55--United KingdomSam RyderSpace man1954538,7%100%
77--FranceAlvan & AhezFulenn1511254,1%100%
882-GreeceAmanda TenfjordDie together1279345,6%100%
11113-PortugalMAROSaudade, saudade1142193,1%100%
12124-AlbaniaRonela HajatiSekret1094152,5%100%
1313-5SerbiaKonstraktaIn corpore sano1094315,1%100%
14145-UkraineKalush OrchestraStefania109281,3%100%
15156-NorwaySubwoolferGive that wolf a banana1074122,0%100%
16167-AustriaLUM!X feat. Pia MariaHalo1021111,8%100%
1717-6FinlandThe RasmusJezebel913142,3%100%
1818-7Czech RepublicWe Are DomiLights off88640,7%100%
19198-ArmeniaRosa LinnSnap74950,8%100%
20209-IcelandSigga, Beta & ElínMeđ hćkkandi sól710101,7%100%
212110-LithuaniaMonika LiuSentimentai64991,5%100%
2323-9AustraliaSheldon RileyNot the same57540,7%100%
2424-10BelgiumJérémie MakieseMiss you57571,2%100%
25--11AzerbaijanNadir RustamliFade to black534132,1%100%
2625--GermanyMalik HarrisRockstars51850,8%100%
27--12IrelandBrookeThat's rich45861,0%100%
30-12-SwitzerlandMarius BearBoys do cry38220,3%100%
31-13-MoldovaZdob şi Zdub & Fraţii AdvahovTrenuleţul38130,5%100%
32-14-CroatiaMia DimšićGuilty pleasure37110,2%100%
33--14IsraelMichael Ben DavidI.M35730,5%100%
34--15GeorgiaCircus MircusLock me in34220,3%100%
35--16San MarinoAchille LauroStripper30800,0%100%
36--17MaltaEmma MuscatI am what I am29330,5%100%
37-16-LatviaCiti ZēniEat your salad25350,8%100%
38-17-DenmarkReddiThe show24700,0%100%
39--18North MacedoniaAndreaCircles20530,5%100%
40-18-BulgariaIntelligent Music ProjectIntention19800,0%100%

If there's a tie, the country that received points from the greater number of voters wins. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breaker is to count the number of voters who assigned twelve points to each entry in the tie. Tie-breaks continue with ten points, eight points, and so on until the tie is resolved.

= new entry = highest climber = going upwards = same position as last time = going downwards

TIME ON CHART means how many voters have or have been able to vote for the country in question. All the votes have be updated within 14 days after a new song has been heard (21st March).


117 voters from United Kingdom
83 voters from Spain
71 voters from Greece
56 voters from Germany
44 voters from Poland
41 voters from Netherlands
39 voters from Finland
35 voters from France
35 voters from Norway
33 voters from Portugal


16.12. Pre-chart is opened with Bulgaria & Czech Republic
29.12. Albania is included
29.1. Moldova & Spain are included
4.2. Ireland & North Macedonia are included
5.2. Israel & Italy are included
12.2. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Ukraine are included
16.2. Ukraine is removed
19.2. Croatia, Malta, Norway, Poland, San Marino & Slovenia are included
22.2. Ukraine is reincluded
26.2. Australia (AM) & Finland (PM) are included
3.3. Netherlands is included
4.3. Germany and Montenegro are included
5.3. Denmark, France, Romania & Serbia are included
8.3. Switzerland is included
9.3. Cyprus & Georgia are included
10.3. Belgium & United Kingdom (AM) and Greece (PM) are included
11.3. Austria is included
12.3. Iceland, Portugal & Sweden are included
14.3. Malta is reincluded with a new song
19.3. Armenia is included
21.3. the last country Azerbaijan is included
29.4. Pre-chart is closed


Here are the entries in ESC 2022:

1AlbaniaRonela HajatiSekret
2ArmeniaRosa LinnSnap
3AustraliaSheldon RileyNot the same
4AustriaLUM!X feat. Pia MariaHalo
5AzerbaijanNadir RustamliFade to black
6BelgiumJérémie MakieseMiss you
7BulgariaIntelligent Music ProjectIntention
8CroatiaMia DimšićGuilty pleasure
10Czech RepublicWe Are DomiLights off
11DenmarkReddiThe show
13FinlandThe RasmusJezebel
14FranceAlvan & AhezFulenn
15GeorgiaCircus MircusLock me in
16GermanyMalik HarrisRockstars
17GreeceAmanda TenfjordDie together
18IcelandSigga, Beta & ElínMeđ hćkkandi sól
19IrelandBrookeThat's rich
20IsraelMichael Ben DavidI.M
21ItalyMahmood & BlancoBrividi
22LatviaCiti ZēniEat your salad
23LithuaniaMonika LiuSentimentai
24MaltaEmma MuscatI am what I am
25MoldovaZdob şi Zdub & Fraţii AdvahovTrenuleţul
27NetherlandsS10De diepte
28North MacedoniaAndreaCircles
29NorwaySubwoolferGive that wolf a banana
31PortugalMAROSaudade, saudade
33San MarinoAchille LauroStripper
34SerbiaKonstraktaIn corpore sano
37SwedenCornelia JakobsHold me closer
38SwitzerlandMarius BearBoys do cry
39UkraineKalush OrchestraStefania
40United KingdomSam RyderSpace man

Albania: Ronela HajatiArmenia: Rosa LinnAustralia: Sheldon RileyAustria: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria
Azerbaijan: Nadir RustamliBelgium: Jeremie MakieseBulgaria: The Intelligent Music ProjectCroatia: Mia Dimšić
Cyprus: AndromacheCzech Republic: We Are DomiDenmark: ReddiEstonia: Stefan
Finland: The RasmusFrance: Alvan et AhezGeorgia: Circus MircusGermany: Malik Harris
Greece: Amanda TenfjordIceland: Sigga, Beta & ElínIreland: BrookeIsrael: Michael Ben David
Italy: Mahmood & BlancoLatvia: Citi ZēniLithuania: Monika LiuMalta: Emma Muscat
Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii AdvahovMontenegro: VladanaNetherlands: S10North Macedonia: Andrea
Norway: SubwoolferPoland: OchmanPortugal: MARORomania: WRS
San Marino: Achille LauroSerbia: KonstraktaSlovenia: LPSSpain: Chanel
Sweden: Cornelia JakobsSwitzerland: Marius BearUkraine: Kalush OrchestraUnited Kingdom: Sam Ryder

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