Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

United Kingdom

Liverpool, United Kingdom
9th, 11th & 13th May


This is the pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. You can update your votes any time just by resending the voting form with new points. All the votes must be updated within two weeks after a new entry has been heard.

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Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

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updated 27th March 2023

thanks to 549 voters in total,
337 active votes (received / updated: 13th - 27th March 2023):

222-FinlandKäärijäCha cha cha15264312,8%100%
33--FranceLa ZarraÉvidemment14503911,6%100%
44--ItalyMarco MengoniDue vite1138185,3%100%
55--United KingdomMae MullerI wrote a song1091103,0%100%
66-1AustriaTeya & SalenaWho the hell is Edgar85392,7%100%
77--SpainBlanca PalomaEaea832278,0%100%
883-NorwayAlessandraQueen of kings736113,3%100%
994-CzechiaVesnaMy sister's crown70141,2%100%
1010-2SloveniaJoker OutCarpe diem653133,9%100%
11115-IsraelNoa KirelUnicorn591123,6%100%
12126-PortugalMimicatAi coração545103,0%100%
1313-3CyprusAndrew LambrouBreak a broken heart53772,1%100%
1515-5ArmeniaBrunetteFuture lover43861,8%91,1%
16167-SerbiaLuke BlackSamo mi se spava42141,2%100%
17178-SwitzerlandRemo ForrerWatergun41710,3%100%
1818-6BelgiumGustaphBecause of you40430,9%100%
19199-MoldovaPasha ParfeniSoarele şi luna39861,8%100%
2121-8GreeceVictor VernicosWhat they say36361,8%100%
222210-CroatiaLet 3Mama ŠČ!35651,5%100%
23-11-AzerbaijanTuralTuranXTell me more34672,1%100%
2524--GermanyLord of the LostBlood and glitter32341,2%100%
27-12-NetherlandsMia Nicolai & Dion CooperBurning daylight30810,3%100%
28--11DenmarkReileyBreaking my heart29500,0%100%
29--12AlbaniaAlbina & Familja KelmendiDuje29551,5%100%
30-13-LatviaSudden LightsAijā23151,5%100%
31--13LithuaniaMonika LinkytėStay21741,2%100%
33-14-IrelandWild YouthWe are one20210,3%100%
3426--UkraineTVORCHIHeart of steel18700,0%100%
35-15-MaltaThe BuskerDance (our own party)18120,6%100%
36--15San MarinoPiqued JacksLike an animal11900,0%100%
37--16RomaniaTheodor AndreiD.G.T. (Off and on)9810,3%100%

If there's a tie, the country that received points from the greater number of voters wins. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breaker is to count the number of voters who assigned twelve points to each entry in the tie. Tie-breaks continue with ten points, eight points, and so on until the tie is resolved.

= new entry = highest climber = going upwards = same position as last time = going downwards

TIME ON CHART means how many voters have or have been able to vote for the country in question. All the votes have be updated within 14 days after a new song has been heard.

50 voters from United Kingdom
42 voters from Germany
37 voters from Spain
36 voters from Greece
35 voters from Finland
26 voters from Portugal
25 voters from Poland
25 voters from Sweden
23 voters from Norway
20 voters from France
20 voters from Türkiye


22.12. Pre-chart is opened with Albania & Ukraine
14.1. Belgium is included
3.2. Ireland is included
4.2. Norway, Slovenia & Spain are included
7.2. Czech Republic is included
11.2. Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Malta & Romania are included
18.2. Lithuania is included
19.2. France is included
21.2. Australia is included
25.2. Finland & San Marino are included
26.2. Poland is included
1.3. Netherlands is included
2.3. Cyprus is included
3.3. Germany is included
4.3. Iceland, Moldova & Serbia are included
7.3. Switzerland is included
8.3. Austria & Israel are included
9.3. United Kingdom is included
11.3. Portugal & Sweden are included
12.3. Greece is included
13.3. Azerbaijan is included
15.3. Armenia is included
16.3. Georgia is included / all the songs have been heard


Here are the entries in ESC 2023:

1AlbaniaAlbina & Familja KelmendiDuje
2ArmeniaBrunetteFuture lover
4AustriaTeya & SalenaWho the hell is Edgar
5AzerbaijanTuralTuranXTell me more
6BelgiumGustaphBecause of you
7CroatiaLet 3Mama ŠČ!
8CyprusAndrew LambrouBreak a broken heart
9CzechiaVesnaMy sister's crown
10DenmarkReileyBreaking my heart
12FinlandKäärijäCha cha cha
13FranceLa ZarraÉvidemment
15GermanyLord of the LostBlood and glitter
16GreeceVictor VernicosWhat they say
18IrelandWild YouthWe are one
19IsraelNoa KirelUnicorn
20ItalyMarco MengoniDue vite
21LatviaSudden LightsAijā
22LithuaniaMonika LinkytėStay
23MaltaThe BuskerDance (our own party)
24MoldovaPasha ParfeniSoarele şi luna
25NetherlandsMia Nicolai & Dion CooperBurning daylight
26NorwayAlessandraQueen of kings
28PortugalMimicatAi coração
29RomaniaTheodor AndreiD.G.T. (Off and on)
30San MarinoPiqued JacksLike an animal
31SerbiaLuke BlackSamo mi se spava
32SloveniaJoker OutCarpe diem
33SpainBlanca PalomaEaea
35SwitzerlandRemo ForrerWatergun
36UkraineTVORCHIHeart of steel
37United KingdomMae MullerI wrote a song

Albania: Albina & Familja KelmendiArmenia: BrunetteAustralia: VoyagerAustria: Teya & Salena
Azerbaijan: TuralTuranXBelgium: GustaphCroatia: Let 3Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou
Czechia: VesnaDenmark: ReileyEstonia: AlikaFinland: Käärijä
France: La ZarraGeorgia: Iru KhechanoviGermany: Lord of the LostGreece: Victor Vernicos
Iceland: DiljáIreland: Wild YouthIsrael: Noa KirelItaly: Marco Mengoni
Latvia: Sudden LightsLithuania: Monika LinkytėMalta: The BuskerMoldova: Pasha Parfeni
Netherlands: Mia Nicolai & Dion CooperNorway: AlessandraPoland: BlankaPortugal: Mimicat
Romania: Theodor AndreiSan Marino: Piqued JackSerbia: Luke BlackSlovenia: Joker Out
Spain: Blanca PalomaSweden: LoreenSwitzerland: Remo ForrerUkraine: TVORCHI
United Kingdom: Mae Muller

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